ACT 7 - The Soaring Id written by Gbenga the Author at

ACT 7 – The Soaring Id

ACT 7 – The Soaring Id

written by: Gbenga the Author



People think my emotions are weaved in nylon because during harsh storms I stay super dry,
But the light in my hope,
And tears from my eyes,
Photosynthesize and provides food for my dreams to survive countless rides.

I’ve set the stage, now turn the page.

Blow the dust off my memory,
It’s time to write my legacy,
For too long I hid cowardly,
Insecurity grabbed me when a hand reached to grab me,
My pages shook, between the spine of my book,
Lost in time, as none took time, to read between line,
Have I reached the end of my life line,
O library vast of mine,
I hope not,
Because when I sink deep with the ink, I emerge think with the plot,
My life you can’t plagiarise,
I’ve opened my pages for all to scrutinise.

These bars are my prison,
But this jail is my escape mechanism,
I’m sentenced by writer’s block,
My necks on the chopping block,
I’m dying to get ideas out,
Always in doubt,
Am I made for this,
When it comes to self-belief, why am I an atheist?

Travel deep in my library,
The fare is cheap,
Hold your seat,
My motion picture,
Never said a perfect picture, but cover to cover a detailed scripture.

Feel naked on these pages,
My final print too late for changes,
I’ve unlocked my diary,
The words are in my mouth, that why I swallowed the key.

But today, I say no more secrecy,
Who better than me to tell my story.

Glory, Glory He-Man the brave,
Lonely Lonely Gbenga afraid,

The time I gave to whip my dream to shape like a slave,
But couldn’t find comfort on the pave,
Now the affection of my heart and soul cradles in the grave,

I just wanted to shine, how adored is buried treasure?
Does it add value to earth?
A rough diamond, what’s my worth?
Putting me first,
That’s my mental state,
They can try sedate,
Put me in a jacket with constraint,
Force my head,
Chain me to a bed,
Expose my heart,
Pull me apart,
They can try their best,
But they will never put my dreams to rest.



Act 7 – The Soaring Id is taken from my new project, The Chronicles of a Dream. Chronicles of a Dream explores the tormenting, yet beautiful journey of a dream paving the route to success, while travelling down what appears to be the road of failure. A story about a dream, narrated by a dream.

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