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Amber Fossil

written by: Nicole Cheng



I cannot move; I cannot escape.
An eternity of suffering fate.
The past is haunting me.
Imprisoned within the Devil’s tree.
Forever frozen in a stone.
Already broken; I’m all alone.
I can see the large cracks.
It came from my previous attacks.
I was attacked by my predators.
All were intruding, unwanted visitors.
I am weak and vulnerable.
They are angrily uncontrollable.
They locked me inside the knothole.
My punishment with no control.
Screaming for help yet there’s no one.
No one to save me from what’s done.
All my predators are full of harm.
They devour me out of the alarm.
Blood escapes from my body.
So much blood as I’m disembodied.
I am unable to fight back.
Too weak and injured to attack.
Always running away with no trace.
Isolating with blood and tears on my face.
Lost and forever into the abyss.
I am concealing within the mist.
The hollow is my only sanctuary.
In the tree in the middle of the cemetery.
This is my new home now.
All by myself; nobody’s allowed.
Though the past remains haunted.
Bleeding memories are unwanted.
The carmine tree sap reveals.
Then dries up as it heals.
Haunted memories lost my mind.
Unwanted past and voices combine.
Forever staying all alone.
Until I turn into solid stone.
I might be found someday.
But I’ll still be lost and decayed.
I may become a precious jewel.
But deep inside, I’ll be cruel.
The memories are permanent.
Eternally trapped; it’s not evanescent.
Keep haunting me until I die.
There’s no way memories can say goodbye.
The predators will stay in my vision.
Me, the prey in a fallen position.
There is no escape for me.
Forced to stay in melancholy.
The cracks on my stone will haunt me.
Until I die, the abuse will want me.
I have no guardian angels.
Just let Death take me away; it’s painful.
Forever trapped within the stone.
For eternity, I am all alone.
I am a hopeless prey.
A prey in many colors of gray.
How will I leave this agony?
Nothing; I’m frozen in my own tragedy.
Forever paralyzed.
Forever traumatized.

Nicole Cheng

Nicole Cheng

My name is Nicole Cheng. I am an aspiring writer and poet. I love poetry. I'm currently working on my first debut novel. Outside of writing, I help bring love and strength for those who have gone through difficult lives, such as I.
Nicole Cheng

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