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American Poetry

American Poetry

written by: David Lohrey


Masculine existentialism, i.e., men looking forlornly
into the middle distance, not too far, not too close.
Masculine, because untouched. There, contemplating
what? Steer clear of the rocks, stay afloat, take the easy
way out. Otherwise, you’ll end up another Ginsberg.

The failure to buy Apple below 200? How to get a good
piece of land or even better a decent piece of ass. It
finally comes down to this. Lots of spirituality, if you
ask the English majors at Amherst, lots of stock options
if you ask their fathers. That Steve Jobs could really write!

Anal leashes aside, one ponders the love life of J. Alfred
Prufrock, although evidence points to the unlikelihood
of his having had one. Long before the St. Louis arch was
constructed, folks took their places on the roller coaster
that ran across the Mississippi. Ike Turner led the way.

The boys beat off but what makes it pleasurable is the
thought that one has beat the competition to it. Our youth
study the Parthenon, turning memories into the forgotten.
Greek mythology works wonders, giving our oarsmen an
advantage as they navigate their triremes off the edge.

The goal is oblivion, Rothko sets the pace. Our poets aim
for abstraction, where there is less burden. We remember
our tropes to hang around our necks. We are all on a kamikaze
mission, aiming our thoughts at distant dots. We’ll get there
through the trees, where the sun sets, into loss.

Choosing poetry over cotton came easy for Anna Mae. Shag
carpeting is distracting. Better do stand-up. Getting slapped
around never stopped anyone from singing the blues, but trust
funds never fail. You’re bound to find inspiration in the outhouse.
After that, all you need to do is put your thumb out.

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