Trials Of Faith written by Aaliyah at

Trials Of Faith

Trials Of Faith

written by: Aaliyah



For a moment my faith shook,
The trials I endured…
Pushed me to a path,
That could break me,
The people I thought I knew,
Let me break and destroy myself,
Till that moment when I was alone,
No one to save me at all,
Till my faith opened my eyes,
Making me believe,
For when the moment I was lost,
I was taken to a higher path,
No one of my past had been,
My faith now stronger than ever,
Created my redemption,
Created my solid structure,
Of belief…
Now I shall never doubt again,
For when I was at my best,
And at my worst,
My faith in God truly saved my soul,
From a path of self-destruction,
With no one to save,
So my faith will never be shaken again…

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