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World Views

written by: Aaliyah


She wore many masks,
Depicting only what the world wanted,
Her beauty so soft,
But her façade was cold as ice,
She was hurt many times,
So she lashed out,
Became the ice queen beauty,
For that was what the world wanted,
So she changed her fragile heart,
To cold as stone,
The reputation she bares,
With a cool smile,
No one knowing all the masks she wears,
For who cares about the ice queen,
And all her secret suffering,
So the ice queen stayed on top,
On her lonely throne...
For none looked beyond,
Her reputation the world gave,
Forever in a state of pretend,
Her smile never true,
Only filled with hidden pain...



My name is Aaliyah Lenyora and I am 18 years old. I live in South Africa. My publishing history though not much, has been wonderful. I have been published in Evergreen Poetry Journal July issue, as well as won second place in Wild Fire Publications Poet of the month July issue. Recently I have been chosen to be featured in the International Poetry Digest monthly. I have also been chosen to be in a Poets showcase that has just been released. I have also had two of my poems chosen for Top 100 poems of the year by International Poetry. This is my passion and my drive though I am new I love what I do.

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