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Bobby Johnson



written by: Enrico Barigazzi


This is the day when the believers
will be carving out their niche
into the mud where they’re gonna
learn the strife for a shabby redemption
for a piece of quiet life before trespassing
the old threshold waiting for the sacred key
to turn into the Holy Lock

This is the day of the new comers
when their bones will be moulded
by the tough life around’em
some of them will bite the dust
of a thousand feet marching through the deep
bleak valley where many minds have lost
their war for their clarity

This is the day of the wise
who are going to etch their shapes
on the hard wood of the trees
which have written their teachings
for the sharp eyes and ears
from ones they cherish the hope to preserve
their roots

This is the day when the braves will delve
their trenches of the struggle for being
what they want to be

This day is today.

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