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I Was Told

written by: NikNik


My uncle always told me, demons lived in us all
And like a cup filled to the brim, the evil spills over onto all
Murderers, nonsense chaos, drunken blackouts
Families that were once close, start to shout
So he kept us in church

My uncle always said family should stick together
That turned into a difficult challenge for whatever!
Strangers adopted me, and I begin to see the meaning of family
I only needed a handful, not too many
Beside me
To guide me
Never lie to me
proving blood is not thicker than water
Moms and dads, kids killing each other, committing straight Slaughter!

My uncle always told me that Spirits play tricks and that you'll never see it coming Violence splits up friends
commencing to bring good things to ends
So we meditate, pray, or just give in to the excitement of it all,
While the Hopeless give up and just fall
Fall in with the crowds, because the loudness drowns out the voice of reason

My uncle was right, and I didn't believe it then,
as shadows lurk on walls with evil grins
My uncle was right
He was right all along
In his wisdom, he is strong
And I wished I could take some of his right words to correct my wrongs



At the age of 4, I got my first library card. Words slowly became my outlet and reading was my escape from reality growing up. In elementary school I was introduced to poetry. Haiku was one of many favorites. Once I started writing, as the saying goes, it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
Never enjoying big crowds, or one who enjoys popularity, I don't have a lot of friends. I've always felt Quality over quantity is the route to take when it comes to people.
To share words through writing is good for the soul, it allows inner peace to slowly take hold.

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