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Amlandeep Baruah

Wanderlust to Assam

Wanderlust to Assam

written by: Deepika Singh



Life in Assam is like a holiday,
Serene and peaceful life,
Welcome to my land of ‘Red rivers and blue hills’.
Garland of lofty hills,
Mighty Brahmaputra fulfills our thirst,
Wrapped with lush greenery,
Ah! the panoramic view of morning tea gardens,
And the carpet paddy fields,
Gives you divine rapture.
My land was once ruled by lionhearted Sukapha and Lachit Borphukan,
Which have stories galore,
That electrifies our body.
Blessed my land to cradle virtuous Sankardev,
Who added colours to my dear Assam.
Auspicious sound of ‘Doba’ and ‘Borkanh’ from Namghar makes the aura divine.
The advent of ‘Bihu’ drives us crazy.
Majuli is our jewel, one horn rhino is our pride and ‘Muga silk’ adds to its shine.
A nest for colourful tribes,
Always humble and dressed with a smile,
Untouched land is still unexplored,
Step your feet and become mesmerized.

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