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Ode To My Parents

Ode To My Parents

written by: Deepika Singh



Holding my hands you have taught me,
How to measure the right scales of life.
Croon me once more that sugary lullaby,
Which will take me out of this unethical world.
You have always wiped away,
My trepidation, my hidden blubbering.
Your love for me is to the depth, breadth and height.
You are always a source of motivation to me.
Your words have strengthened me how to fight.
For me, you are all in all.
My Almighty, my friend, my mentor.
The joy of being your daughter,
Is like a gift to me from the heaven above.
Our future will be of gold where we will stay one.
Be it joy or sorrow,
In my next birth I crave to have
The bliss of your lap.



I dedicate this poem to all the parents in this world for their unconditional love towards their children.

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