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An Argument

written by: Aurélien Thomas


We argued, but we held on.

My thoughts overthought stupid doubt
and of hissing snakes turned the nest;
laying, curled up, plotting our fallout,
their venom my uninvited guest.

Your heart, ripped open and naked,
of greedy hyenas was the prey;
circling it, hungry and wicked,
ready to feast on your fears on display.

We argued, but we held on.

Aurélien Thomas

Aurélien Thomas

I am a Frenchman who, for whatever still unclear reasons, ended up living in London. 🙂
I believe poetry to be about musicality; that it should engage our emotions and experiences through powerful and creative images. I get inspired mostly by music, my cyclothymic moods, and the most amazing wife ever who, very conveniently, happens to be mine. 🙂
I am currently working on releasing 'A Vow', a whimsy collection of love poems. Some extracts have appeared in various international publications; two were the object of a column in Writing Magazine; and one won third place in the Momaya Press Poetry Competition 2018, and so was published alongside another one (runner up) in their subsequent anthology ('Poetry Review 2018 -Love', Momaya Press).
If you believe in luuuve… Check me out! 🙂
Aurélien Thomas

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