Que Se Mueran De Sed, poetry by Maria J. Estrada at Spillwords.com

Que Se Mueran De Sed

Que Se Mueran De Sed

written by: Maria J. Estrada



Quieren todo los Turistas
Ojos, pupils glistening, full de colores, naranja y reds
Noses imbued with earthen, chile smells.
“$20 imperialista cash, No pesos!”
Begs the exhausted street vendor whose atoms
Have surpassed eons

If you want agua, pura,
You’ll have to steal from Corona
And so many corporate Rateros

Who suck vida from earth, then bottle their wares

To sell to Turistas, like you
Rateros, who, then, sell filthy-death water at inhumane precios
Like in Mexicali and the Driscoll blueberry fields of Colombia,
Where starving children
Must drink backwash from companies

Quieren todo Los Turistas

Las Corporaciones, too.

Let them die of thirst.

Maria J. Estrada

Maria J. Estrada

MARIA J. ESTRADA is an English college professor at Harold Washington College. In the summer of 2020, she founded Barrio Blues Press. The mission of Barrio Blues Press is to elevate the voices of emerging writers and to help build a cooperative society through writing. She lives in Chicago’s south side with her supportive husband, two remarkable children, and two mischievous cats.
Maria J. Estrada

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