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written by: M.C. Rose


He said
We are not always broken

I hear these words and
I am moved to tears.

Brought down to a level
of sophisticated mercy

I hear his words resound
palpitate my chest
with the withered sigh
of every hope
that has laid its
body to rest.

I would greet the morning
let it kiss my neck
were it not for the way
Terror has nestled itself
deep in my bosom

affixed its home there
as if to say

You are the portrait
of life in all its simplicity
you child of God
do not surrender your confidence
for the brutality
of cruel intentions

As if to say
You were made for so much more
than the sky.

I give myself up to it

while I am standing
near the precipice
I wonder
about your hands
how they were always the right size
to hold mine.

how we were threadbare
distinct consenting
patrons of each other’s

Somehow this love
could not cover the multitude of

You stole beauty
from fire.

Created a firestorm
of eccentricity.

I held tight
putting all of my faith into your

simply because when you made a promise
to cherish every bit of the woman
I was learning to be.

I believed you.

who have held this imagination captive.

There are no words
for the immaculate soul
that you are.

who are every sunset and sunrise.

who spill the ethereal
deliverance of dreams,

I imagine you often.

See your cape
spread out across the walls
brandishing this emotion
like the most decadent authority.

still, there is a river
and you are the only boat
that could ever steer the tide.
turning this emotion back to its horizon.

I once believed that
the world was considered flat.
this ‘truth’ declared
because they did not know you.

For if they had,
they would have known
that there is nothing imperfect
about this planet.

No matter where we travel,
regardless of light
whether its speed could ever amass
or overpower sound.

It could never
break through
this retrospective barrier
of indifference.

There could never be
a mathematical equation
large enough
nor complex enough
to conjure your love into a finite
numerical expression

that simply says if two hearts are
created at separate moments in time

at what point does the universe
Setting them on a collision course
their destinies plummeting together.

If you could subtract his love
divide it into a thousand parts
even one infinitesimal grain would contain
all of the solar energy to power her sky
for a lifetime.

If the center of the black hole
is so encumbered by its
gravitational pull.

Would there ever be a measurement
great enough to surmise the density
of this brilliance.

I’d like to believe
even though scientific reasoning
has never been my forte

I understand these mysteries
as one unassuming thought

Everything has an expiration date
but you, are endless.
Your heart as vast as
the milky way

Time may be our constraint
And gravity may pull us towards
the earth

we can transcend this fragility

build a moon for every
heartbeat in your chest
and put it up against the sky.

knowing that no matter where
we go,
we can rest assured that these two hearts
will always find solace
in this pull

and if you peer into the future
you will see them orbiting one another
dangling from emotion

simply because in this galaxy
love is the only gravitational force
that matters

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