Would It Kill You To Trust, poetry by John Sweet at Spillwords.com

Would It Kill You To Trust

[Would It Kill You To Trust]

written by: John Sweet


or maybe you bleed out slowly,
like vincent in his sunday best

maybe you mistake christ for
someone who can help

for someone worth believing in

and there is no shame in an empty life,
but there should at least be a future

a map, maybe, scratched into
the creamy white skin of your lover’s back

a desert, and the three of us in the
middle of it, and i am
tired of talking about the past,
but what else?

the future is unknowable and
all too predictable,
the future a weight pressed down
hard on my heart

a bright red dot between
my shoulder blades where the shot will
find me and tear me in two

no death but violent death here in
the kingdom of nil, and so we give medals
to the butchers of human flesh

we speak highly of freedom, but only
for those who think like us

only for those who are
willing to learn their place

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