An Apology written by Rakind Kaur at

An Apology

An Apology

written by: Rakind Kaur



I apologize:
to the children that can’t breathe
the people who can’t eat
farmer who can’t harvest seeds
birds that no longer have a home
to trees that burn
Islands that drown
humans that suffer tyranny
to the fishes that can’t swim
animals that can’t speak
rain that’s no more pure
forests that are mere shadows
land that weeps
and mothers that grieve.
I apologize to you most of all
for not having inspired you at all
to get up and change the world,
and ease the suffering of this earth.



My father apologized to me and my sister when we were kids for not being able to stop the destruction happening during his time on behalf of his entire generation. And I find myself doing the same because when the world refuses to take responsibility for the world we’ve created, those of us who care have to.

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