An Omen, poetry by Salma Maburya at
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An Omen

An Omen

written by: Salma Maburya



Feminism is like a lie
to oneself
is masochism.

You see a girl asks her father for a Buscopan pill
for the wound of Meiosis,
in her lower abdomen,
You say: it’s a whine, a form of un-strength
and tell her to prune the outgrowth on her name.

…surely, this is not a poem with hyperboles…
You see a boy whines and writhes over the consumption of stale food,
You say: it’s an illness syndrome.

Forgive me, not every day do we see an eclipse,
but we are quick to chide ‘an omen’
each day the moon eclipses the sun
…and not vice versa

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