My Moonlight Muse written by RhymeRula at

My Moonlight Muse

My Moonlight Muse

written by: RhymeRula



At every moment of everyday a new muse presents itself

and allows my rhymes to convey the disarray that’s in this world today

So I light a Zig Zag under the light of the moon

Staring at grey clouds fuse

Coming across loopholes to my path

Staying stuck all my life in classroom corridors

Chasing a precious mortar board as my crown but some days I frown not noticing

I am until someone wonders what’s keeping me down?

Never knowing how to answer because I shelter a tension between positive and negative outcomes

Both waiting for their moments to make reruns as they channel through my psyche but I’ll do my damnedest to cancel out their feuding energy

Memorized by a luminous moonlight which gives me a muse to write

About how much of a beautiful cornerstone it is in the night sky

Believe it or not I love it more than the day

and no I’m not a vampire

just admiring its cool brisk appearance

Imagining to take lift off and relax on its cool surface because I want to escape all this world’s interference

Finding refuge in a place where the moon is silent

The simplest things you take for granted can introduce you to clues

So use them as your muse to express yourself

I’m looking at mine so what’s yours?

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