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written by: Chloe Gilholy



You’ve got to be told; you’ll never understand!
Don’t reach out! Don’t you dare touch my hand.

I’ve met knights like you in white suits many times before;
Twirling pens, polished shoes and thick notes about some whore.

They’ll infect you like they’ve infected me: the parasites!
Breed hate and breathe despair on sleepless nights.

Even in a state of coma, there is no escape.
The master of illness smiles in his cape.

Chronic downfalls, partially deaf, partially blind, manic depression,
Labels slapped, tickets punched, institution after institution.

They ask you what is wrong, and you cannot explain –
Your only companion is the howling of the rain…

Bad days turn to stressful weeks as the tears crust.
Pleasant memories discarded in beds of dust.

So, I leave a note for the fly on the wall – my little spy
If you wish to see the world with my eyes – kiss the sun goodbye…

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