Between Rainbow and Melody, poetry by Suman Pokhrel at
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Between Rainbow and Melody

Between Rainbow and Melody

written by: Suman Pokhrel


translated by: Abhi Subedi


As you entered the room
stirring air with suppleness of walk
waking up the stillness with jingles of cymbals
making curtains dance to the sound of bangles
aroma wafted into air from canvas and copybooks
my paintbrush grew restless
and pen became enraptured
my eyes, hands and other parts
became electrified.

My heart spread rainbow in the room
like colours of youth and
lilts of life’s melodies.

You who are sitting before me
have the power to
change my consciousness
into painting, poem, melody
or anything else!

I know you’ll speak no truth at this time.
I’ve to be guided
solely by your silence, your eyes and
the inaudible appeals of your heart.

I’ve to settle before I lose the presence of mind-
whether I should use brush or pen
or my eyes, hands or something else
and create a unique
all in you.

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