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And The River Emptied And Silver Stream Awoke

written by: Lance Sheridan



In a thirtieth moment water knelt to pray,
wringing hands beckoned rain
from a dwindling cloud,
lingering voice dry and brown;

Once it walked through the cobblestoned
sleeping tufts of grass,
wading smoothly lingering in the sawdust dawn;

A drought between the essence and the shadow-
pieces of the river in the cellar earth
turning to dust;
the sage in the hedgerow hill listening
for the water rush;

A voice half heard but heard in the stillness,
trickling morning
silver stream, swallowing earth
sprawling soil;
spilling in the footprint river- licking field;
flowing water and the sandy road.


Copyright © lance sheridan®

Lance Sheridan

Lance Sheridan

I began lance sheridan® in January of 2013. I’ve had over two dozen poems published to date. They’ve been accepted into more than a dozen journals including—

The Mind[less] Muse
Poised in Flight
The BeZine
Poetry Super Highway
International Poetry Anthology

I’m sarcastic, have an offbeat sense of humor, a purveyor of words and imagery, love music, read, drink coffee, exercise, dislike ruffians.
Lance Sheridan

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