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written by: Kia Jones



A heartbeat stops, a pounding thud,
Blood feels it’s thickening as if it were mud.

If only I could see it this impending doom,
How can I escape? I need to get away soon.

I don’t know what it is but I can feel it so strong,
It’s going to get me soon, I know it won’t be long.

I tremble with the fear of knowing something’s bad,
All around me are the people, with opinions that I’m mad.

“Paranoid she is” was their educated guess, “Something’s out to get her? HUH! her life’s just a mess!”.

No I said that’s not the case, I know it’s not like that,
I know it’s not the KGB or people following and stalking me.

What I feel is deep inside, it’s something more than I can hide.

It’s the feeling of the wait, for the walk to the gallows,
It’s the feeling of bad news, when it’s still in the shadows,

It’s the feeling of a choice, should I live or should I die,
It’s the feeling of eternal torment as I start to cry.

I don’t know what it is that’s scaring me,
Then my spirit gently told me it’s anxiety.

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