Night, City, a poem written by Dah at

Night, City

Night, City

written by: Dah



An imposing fog comes
with its damp body
flapping like wet skirts
on balcony railings.

Then surveillance by streetlamps
always watching
with their telescope flare
igniting the dark,

making everything small enough
to gather in their sights.
There is concrete density
to the empty roads

like dull flat bones laid out
with oil spittle, grime
and rotting leaves piled
like the wreckage of cars

Even on icy nights the vagrants
leave their cardboard houses
roaming the side streets

for something to own.
Near the flower shop,
the sick and wilted blossoms
tossed out and dying

in the gutter, and the sound
of a street cleaner’s
spinning brushes closing in
with its tornado strength

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