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Article of Sound

written by: Hunter Keough



The of the
At it, at it
An “an” anon
At it, at it

The A, the an
At it, at it
The on, the non
At it, at it

The that, that At!
At it, at it
A that not that
That’s it…That’s it.



This is an experimental poem based on sound and the removal of categorical language in an effort to express the workings of the writing process. Often times, we writers struggle to find the right words, the elusive sound in poetry, but when we do, the end result leaves us with a greater sense of knowledge concerning our subjects and our writings themselves.

Hunter Keough

Hunter Keough

Hunter Keough’s writing strives to advance the form of modern literature and the linguistic craft by approaching subjects in a very different way. Hunter’s work aims to achieve realistic surrealism in the advancement of poetic and emotional construction, as well as to entertain, perplex and inspire readers through provocation of thought. Often referred to as abstract and image-driven in influence, his pieces also delve into the psychological, the philosophical, the emotional and the unknowable. He sincerely hopes you enjoy this reading and thanks you for your time.
Hunter Keough

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