At A Roadside Diner written by Pilgrim at

At A Roadside Diner

At A Roadside Diner

written by: Pilgrim



Secret messages tap along the chrome bar. Press your ears to it- you will hear.
That car just pulled in, hood down, was here yesterday.

tap, tap-tap, t-t-tap tap

Yew wan’ a corfeee?
Ssh, I’m listening, you said

That car…

tap tap tap

Hey Mistah. Hey Mistah!
Your breath clouds the shining chrome.
Hey Mistah, get orfa my car.

tap, tap


How do they make the metal shine so?
Because it is glass filled with mercury.
Message received
You order that corfeee.


You slide across the leather seat to the window, wind it down.
Pulling into a roadside diner the neon catches your eye, catches your eye.
You couldn’t see, it blinded you.

Your chrome fender hit the soft head- dead.



Chris, mid-40s, I enjoy playing with words, I like a good tune, love nature, have a family, live overseas, teach, really like the idea of fishing, and still keep thinking I might get the hang of life one day.

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