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Always The Boot written by Alan Mitnick at

Always The Boot

Always The Boot written by: Alan Mitnick @alan.mitnick   And there, around your neck, a traffic jam in a necklace, ten Monopoly race cars, you bastard...
Till written by Alan Mitnick at


Till written by: Alan Mitnick @alan.mitnick   His soul so badly hunched its head dropped underground; everywhere he walked he looked like the sadly et...
Twinkling written by Alan Mitnick at


Twinkling written by: Alan Mitnick @alan.mitnick   My back begs for the sofa, to drape vertebrae over cushions, future fossil me, but my eyes and more ...
Hollyword written by Alan Mitnick at


Hollyword written by: Alan Mitnick @alan.mitnick   Scorcese would direct my next poem, the epic hero, De Niro, an iota of Liotta, Sharon Stone uncrosse...
Fireflies written by Alan Mitnick at


Fireflies written by: Alan Mitnick @alan.mitnick   An intermittent constellation of fireflies, no use to a wandering ship, perfect navigation for sou...
Alan Mitnick

Alan Mitnick

English Professor, guitarist, non-Mob New Jerseyan