Becca Lotus

Lines, micropoetry written by Becca Lotus at


Lines written by: Becca Lotus @BeccaLotus   Reading behind the lines today. I'll do the work. I'll read it all. Is there a message behind the lines?...
Pull, micropoetry written by Becca Lotus at


Pull written by: Becca Lotus @BeccaLotus   She is the fickle moon And he, the wild sea Pulling Releasing Pulling Releasing Magnetic clandestine d...
Cleansed written by Becca Lotus at


Cleansed written by: Becca Lotus @BeccaLotus   The linger of smoldering sage Nestled in a shimmering abalone shell Atmosphere cleansed, still, renewe...
Becca Lotus

Becca Lotus

Becca Lotus is a writer, nature photographer and abstract artist. Creating multidisciplinary works of art is her treasured respite. She resides in Southern California with her husband and three young children.