Edward Ponce

Lost written by Edward Ponce at Spillwords.com


Lost written by: Edward Ponce   When can you say that you are lost When you have given everything at all cost Answers we always try to seek Given not...
Fate written by Edward Ponce at Spillwords.com


Fate written by: Edward Ponce @prince.edwardponce   If fate you seek and fate you'll ask Dear, I tell you, nothing really lasts Fate works in ways yo...
Anger written by Edward Ponce at Spillwords.com


Anger written by: Edward Ponce @prince.edwardponce   Anger has never been a good trait Never helpful to any men When enemies try to use it as a bait ...
Edward Ponce

Edward Ponce

Is an aspiring author of a Poetry/Self-help book. An active church head and a BIG fan of hopelessly romantic articles and poems.