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written by: Edward Ponce


As we all know, having a commitment to something or to someone requires a lot; an investment of time, money, and most especially patience. Being committed is just like investing a lot of your savings in a “not so sure to grow” company, it may boom the industry or it might ruin your entire future. Commitment requires a lot of sacrifice and through this action; we will know who the real risk taker is. To commit can be done in so many ways, it might be because of love, of service, or by needs.


Commitment to Love

Not everyone has the courage to commit in such thing. Why? Because of the awaiting RESPONSIBILITIES. Marriage is the biggest commitment of love one can do but the truth is, it all started when you took the risk of being in a relationship. The very moment you thought that you should get yourself involved in a serious relationship is one proof that you are ready to be in such a commitment; for such responsibilities. Just by being in a relationship already involves an investment of time, money, and patience, how much more if you took the Sacrament of Matrimony? Taking the Sacrament of Matrimony is a commitment of a lifetime sacrifice. Others will say it is a suicide. Though it may sound crazy, marriage can sometimes be of a hell. True, it may sometimes be of a hell but that’s only because the understanding and the love isn’t there anymore. Where is the commitment? Marriage is not the commitment itself but it is the love that has been promised to give by the couple for their entire lives. Marriage is just a symbol of the promise; something that would remind them of the vows uttered before the Lord. To say that you love someone is easy but to maintain that feeling of love your entire life, you may want to reconsider. I am not saying that it is better to be single, it’s always great to have someone that you can call a companion in every step of the way but before you get yourself committed with such, make sure that you are all prepared both emotionally and financially.


Commitment to Service

Service commitment is way different from love. Though it still strikes emotional stability, this type of commitment helps you grow more maturely. Service commitment comes in different ways but aims one goal; that is to serve others. Serving others means dealing with different kinds of people. You learn how to understand a person based on how he reacts during an interaction, you grow from every situation you are in and by then you start living the traits of a well-exposed individual. Now, when do you find the commitment in such stage? That is when you start acting maturely. It doesn’t always mean that if you don’t stop serving others, you are committed for such. The true commitment of service is/are the lesson/s learned during your interaction with others. It is how you handle every situation you get involved with and how you deal with the people that surrounds you because if you are living as a well-exposed individual, you are living the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ; treating others gently and with love. Serve and start learning, when you learn you grow and by then, you start living the virtues of a good shepherd; gentle and loving.


Commitment to Needs

Are you a father? A mother? Somebody that someone depends on? If you are, how committed are you to the needs of those who depend on you? How far will you go to provide the needs of others? A dedicated parent is a ONE GOOD EXAMPLE of someone who shows a great strength of RESPONSIBILITY. It is never easy to strive hard because others are depending on you. You pour all your blood and sweat to earn and provide the needs of others. Silly isn’t it? You’re working hard for them, not for yourself!

Sacrificing means a lot! That’s what a parent does. They’re just simply showing that they love the people around them more than they love their selves. Why do they do this? Why do they do such? The answer is so simple. SELFLESS LOVE. Same sacrifice that the Son of the Heavenly Father did, SACRIFICED Himself for the sake of others. Let us start committing ourselves for the welfare of others and by then, we have fulfilled the wish of the Father, for us to live with love and follow the footsteps of His Son.

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