When ANGER Consumes You, written by Edward Ponce at Spillwords.com

When ANGER Consumes You

When ANGER Consumes You

written by: Edward Ponce


Why do we get angry? Why do we get mad? Is it out of habit or is it because things are just getting out of hand?

There are a lot of possible reasons why we get mad and as early as possible, control it before it gets worse. Here are some useful tips on how to control our anger. Just follow these steps and you’ll get the hang of it. Just simply STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN and you’ll be okay.


Whenever you are in a conversation with someone, or maybe fixing something that got broken, or perhaps you are someone who has no patience at all, you should STOP whatever you are doing. Pause for a while and let things be as of the moment. Excuse yourself from the conversation and temporarily lose site of that person, leave that broken thing unfixed and get some cold water to freshen up a little bit, or do something that will grab your attention and can make you enjoy it. Take a deep breath and smile. Sometimes, we need to pause and let other good things happen instead of forcing yourself to do something which can trigger anger. It is way better to be calm and resilient, rather than spending your whole day murmuring, having tantrums, or worst, bursting your anger into someone else.


After STOPPING yourself from bursting out of anger, take a LOOK at the good things around you. Take a look at nature and appreciate its beauty. The trees around you, the birds flying in the sky, the small critters crawling on land, you will be thankful that God has given you the opportunity to witness the beauty of his creations. If you’re not that nature lover type, why don’t you check your phone and take a look at those pictures saved. I bet those are good memories that can make you smile. You can also grab that old pile of pictures you’ve got stuck in your picture cabinet, you’ll see and remember a lot of good old memories with those. What I mean about this LOOK step is that, you should LOOK on the brighter side. LOOK for the positivity within you. LOOK for positivity itself. There are a LOT of reasons for us to be happy, and there should be no room for anger to get into our lives. We only live once. Let’s live it HAPPILY!


You STOPPED yourself from bursting out of anger, you LOOKED for positive things that may help you control yourself. Now, we’re on stage 3; LISTEN. Listen to what your heart and your conscience says. Contemplate what triggered you to be almost angry about something or someone. Listen to what your heart says. If you think that you need a 2nd opinion, try sharing it with someone close to you and LISTEN. Listen closely to what they will be sharing with you, it will be a great help. By then, you’ll have an idea, both your thoughts and someone else’s, for you to determine what should have been done or if it was all worth it. You, yourself, should know why it ended that way in order for you to know what should be avoided the next time you encounter it. It’s a lesson learned and should always be applied as a part of growing up and becoming a much more mature individual. Life is so complicated but it will be much easier if you open up yourself to others and learn how to LISTEN. To be independent is a great achievement but to be alone is sad. Remember, no man is an island.

Edward Ponce

Edward Ponce

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