The Scarred Ones, poem by Sandi Wallace at
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The Scarred Ones

The Scarred Ones

written by: Sandi Wallace


Traces, faint, red puckered and angry
Hidden inside.
The scars are traces, maps of a life
Long or short.

Finite time well-spent, misspent, survived
Abused, snuffed.
The scars mark a past, sometimes an end
Perhaps without warning.

From accident, self-harm, illness, heartbreak
Brutal force.
The scars never tell the full truth though
Just small parts.

Witnesses only to pain, sadness, relief
Fear, terror.
The scars, seen, unseen, endured, worn proudly by
The scarred ones.

Your child, lover, friend, you, me
A stranger.
The scars, memories of healing, fight for life
Won or lost.

[The end.]
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