Cassingles, a poem by Jacob Dunstan at
Nathan Dumlao



written by: Jacob Dunstan


Cumulative reveries collect,
in the vortex corners of eyes,
apropos to the old-artefact-stacked
Garage – slanting March rays banter beyond
and the chanting clouds cluster neatly,
a reception for unanchored thoughts.

Home – I pick at an picture tucked between
spines on a shelf – now coated in dust.
Like coffin matter, drawings
Populate – pages of a stowed-away book.
Graven and tired, pencil lines ferreting
Past the faded margins, cornered by pasts.

A weary song recalls a season, playing dutifully in the old car.
A moment refuses dismantlement.
Outside, beyond the unlistening bricks, realness
glistens…a lifetime has elapsed
Since we last spoke

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