The Job II, poetry by Sandi Wallace at

The Job II

The Job II

written by: Sandi Wallace


Some things can’t be unseen…or unfelt, unsmelt, or unheard
They churn in your gut
bang in your brain like wet towels in a dryer
drip off your tongue too quickly or stick in your throat, impossible to say
Can’t sleep because the flashbacks are worse
imprinted on the inside of your eyelids they play over and over and over again
too loud, too bright, too clear, too horrific
Might be the end of the line, think this might be the point of no return
But trading the blue uniform for jeans and a flanny shirt
filling in the days reading, listening to the radio, watching the footy, pottering in the garden
while crackles on the radio, wet knees from crouching on the ground, a familiar face, a child’s bike, a foggy day or just breathing could trigger a flashback
Sometime, anytime, it will all come back
too loud, too bright, too clear, too horrific

[The end.]



The Job II is from ‘On the Job,’ a collection of short crime stories and verse by Sandi Wallace.

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