Future Film written by HR at

Future Film

Future Film written by: HR @HaroldR01   In 2017, the Great Pumpkin gave away federal parks and forests and scenic places even Missing Rock Utah,...
Musings, micropoetry written by HR at


Musings written by: HR @HaroldR01   I don’t know, as I sit here not writing, when Mnemosyne, and her daughter Clio, will leave and let Euterpe ...
Rants, poetry written by HR at


Rants written by: HR @HaroldR01   The bully stood at the end of the bar leaning on his elbow, cigar clutched between fingers pointing deliberately...
Relationship Fractals written by HR at

Relationship Fractals

Relationship Fractals written by: HR @HaroldR01   time squandered hours days’ eons wasted waiting for shadows that materialize briefly then disappear l...
Indifference, by HR at


Indifference written by: HR @HaroldR01   The last bottle of Sweet Tokay was gone hours ago the morning was cold this day would be no different than unc...


Retired university professor quietly tending my garden and a herd of feral cats. My poetry has been published in Voces de la Luna, The San Antonio Express-News, and two annual anthologies Quirk, and Borderless.