Mother Earth written by Inna at

Mother Earth

Mother Earth written by: Inna @Inna_sumi   I saw a Weeping soil Her soul laid bare Scorching heat tears her apart In vain she cherishes his quiet fo...
Oh My Tree written by Inna at

Oh My Tree

Oh My Tree written by: Inna @Inna_sumi   Ruined and tainted you seem in the eyes of many, hiding away your true face from the world with your humor, ...
November rain written by Inna at

November Rain

November rain written by: Inna @Inna_sumi   Oh sweet November rain! Is it true winter's here, For your silvery threads in the air lured me into the w...
Letter for my daddy written by Inna at

Letter For My Daddy

Letter for my daddy written by: Inna @Inna_sumi   You are my greatest teacher of all, When I was but little, I've known you to be so flawless & maj...


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