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Letter For My Daddy

Letter for my daddy

written by: Inna



You are my greatest teacher of all,
When I was but little,
I’ve known you to be so flawless & majestic that others appear lame in your presence~
Tis, how I look at you when I was; but little~
I grew each day drinking in your knowledge You’re like geometry pointing me in every direction ~
Each step I take, you are that brick that anchors me when I falter~
You are my bank provided by nature~
In my perilous journey of life no one has ever taught me about conscience more than you~
In trouble times, I’d imagined what you would do..
I simply recall you telling me to stand by truth, to have faith to be honest & just, regardless.. But
Sometimes my arrogance consumes my spirit~
Thousand times I failed
You never gave up
You believed in me~
Until I got hold of myself.
I am now but old,
Perhaps a little bit wiser or even more stupid..
But thankful for such course of life, knowledge that resonated upon me when I lost my wits,
an endless echo of wisdom instilled~
If there is even a fraction of Goodwill in me..I bet that’s all you & only you.
DADDY you are my pride HEAVENS GREATEST GIFT- Inna

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