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Oh My Tree

Oh My Tree

written by: Inna



Ruined and tainted you seem in the eyes of many,
hiding away your true face from the world with your humor,
bruised by a thousand blade,
how many cuts must you suffer,
how long can you withstand this torment,
you drink away your miseries,
I have seen your leaves stained with silver tears,
Trust is now a foreign to your tongue, Commitment a pipe dream,
Darling I have seen
the fruit you once bear
And I want to nourish your tree,
I adore your strongest roots ,
They have been my pillars of success once,
I have seen starlings resting on your bosom, you shelter them as one of your own.
Today my only dream
is to see you rise
like you raised me.
Will you allow yourself to win~



Dedicated to my old oak tree

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