Deep Into The Dawning Mist, poetry by David Dephy at
Kah Hay Chee

Deep Into The Dawning Mist

Deep Into The Dawning Mist

written by: David Dephy


“What can be more animating than
hope of freedom?” I said to myself

walking on the street. I feel emptiness.
I see faces. The lonely faces, as if they say:

“What can be deadlier than the fragments
of your own happiness?”

I feel fulness of brilliant expectations too,
and still see faces. Those lonely faces,

as if they sing: “What can be more life-giving
than the kiss on your spirit as the smile of a baby?”

Along the tarnished glances and lights,
breath rolls over us, rushes by into the streets

where all our stories are retold, where they
carry on deep into the dawning mist.

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