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Sleepy Head

Sleepy Head

written by: Ariane Zandi



Like porcelain, your face is so delicate
Carefully crafted with deep love and affection
Such artistry is surely unimaginable
Yet here you are, carved to perfection

Your eyes with their dark brown beauty
And the happiness that pours from your smile
How serene you look, your expression so calm
Let me hold you and we can sit for a while

Your pupils seem to swim amongst wisdom
Can it be that you really are so young?
Or perhaps it is a glimpse into the future,
After all, yours is a song yet to be sung

I reach out my hand for you to hold
My blood is warm, what a wonderful sensation!
My love is eternal and for eternity I’m here
Between our hearts, an unequivocal correlation.

Your nose is so tiny, like a button
Your lips are shapely and coloured rose-bud red
Never in your life shall you be alone, my love
I will always be here to tuck you into bed

So angelic and fragile are your features
Your eyes tell stories that I long to hear
Don’t be frightened, my darling, for I love you
And to you, I will always be near

I take you to the window and we look up at the stars
See how beautifully they shine next to the moon
Swimming you gently back and forth in my arms
Sleepy-head, you will rest your eyes soon

How is it humanly possible
That I love you more with each day?
How can it be that I love you
More than words seem able to say?

Could it be entirely probably
That your face is too beautiful to touch?
And could it be slightly possible
That I love you a little too much?

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