November rain written by Inna at

November Rain

November rain

written by: Inna



Oh sweet November rain!

Is it true winter’s here,

For your silvery threads in the air lured me into the wind we once shared

Tell me my November rain how long your drops gonna last

I’m lost in the circles of your drops cascading on my skin

Your silver threads of rain has broken the spell of my incarcerated emotion

Thousands thoughts set free as you brew this callous dust crushing them to the ground

You hold the Grey skies quenching enigma of ageless clouds

Shadows I long to meet on deeper skies for in the darkest hour our passions met

the clouds remember your sublime touch,

I have this tenacious feeling about how we yield to the wintry sky with only the wood smoke to contribute the warmth of our long-lost summer.

Your rain, fleeting it may be but in my heart forever it pounds

Oh November rain I wish you stay a little while longer

I wish it lived forever



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