Autopsy of a Woman written by Moxie McMurder at

Autopsy Of A Woman

Autopsy of a Woman

written by: Moxie McMurder



Let’s get to the bottom of this
Rip open the carcass
But first
Remove your knife
Digging fingers into guts
A body left to rot
Sifting through organs
Get your hands dirty
Looking for secrets
From when things were friendly

This friendship was dead on arrival
And now an autopsy of our relationship
Is lying on this cold table

Remove my heart
My lungs, my tongue
But it won’t stop the voices
Remember when you had the chance
You had plenty of choices
You made my bed
But I won’t lie in it
I know what I said
I died for it

So now
With my blood on your hands
And mysteries unsolved
You still need to know
Can you be absolved?

Moxie McMurder

Moxie McMurder

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Moxie McMurder

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