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written by: Yash Tiwari


It is warm outside,
The warmth of serenity.
It is chilly, too.
The chills of amenity.

The trees.
Oh! How alluring and tall.
The leaves,
How calmly they fall.

The peaceful evenings,
They just take my breath away.
The resplendent sunsets,
They dazzlingly conclude the day.

Falling on the golden leaves,
Is a hint of the autumnal sunshines.
Ah! What a beautiful view,
Of golden grass and dried out Ivy Vines.

This part of the year is peaceful,
It is full of joy and exuberance.
Words cannot define how this season,
Brings home a sense of ebullience.

Yash Tiwari

Yash Tiwari

Yash Tiwari, the author of the internationally and nationally recognised novel - "A Celebration In Tribulation" is a 16 years old student. He is a nominee of 100 Inspiring Authors of India by The Indian Awaz ™. Currently living in the city of Kanpur, Yash aspires to graduate in the field of mass-communication and put in use his achievements and skills for the good of his countrymen. He believes that a great change can be brought about in this world, not with any form of weaponry or warfare, but just with the help of words. He presented two of his Research-Papers at two respective International Conferences in 2018. He was also awarded a Special-Award for being the Youngest Paper-Presenter at one of the conferences. His poem, "The Scourge Of War" is soon going to be a part of Asian Literary Society's Anthology.
Yash Tiwari

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