Doctors! Oh Doctors!, poetry written by Yash Tiwari at

Doctors! Oh Doctors!

Doctors! Oh Doctors!

written by: Yash Tiwari


Doctors! Oh Doctors!
Her blood runs Cold,
The implications of this surgery,
Were indeed Manifold.

You all cured her, and gave her a life,
Full of gaiety and Well-Being.
A life filled with possibilities,
To live, and to Dream!

Doctors! Oh Doctors!
You all have gears that look Sharp.
You all were musicians; instrumentalists,
And she became your Harp.

The melody you all played stung me sometimes,
But so did once her Pains!
Her cries of agony and aches,
And the blood that clogged in her Vein.

Doctors! Oh Doctors!
From your given gash her blood oozed out.
It gave her shivers and unconsciousness,
And me, an enigmatic Shout!

But I’m grateful for what you’ve all done,
To save her from that Disease.
Now she breathes to feel the snow fall down,
And sing painlessly in the Autumnal Breeze!

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