Autumn Calling written by Lipika Ghosh at

Autumn Calling

Autumn Calling

written by: Lipika Ghosh


Drenched flowers
Glowing most
Butterflies roaming
Friendly host
After raining
Sun shines
Buds blooming
Coloured bright
Wet grasses smoothly silk
Walking walking across the field
Forgot last night’s pains
Due to rain due to rain
Autumn calling to touch the sky
Blue big vessel smiling shy
Farewell rain take a tour
When will come knock my door
Greenery calling let me go
Let me touch let me show
Let me feel the unknown tune
Soothing  sensation roaming around
Who is my source of pain
Who is my tears rain
Don’t want to forget his face
I am not in such race
Oh rain take a tour
Come back to me again sure
When you see any love tomb
Spray some rains, tear drops
Drenched flowers
Dazzling glow
I am in my way
Let me go…


Changing seasons stirring human’s mental and emotional state.

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