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written by: Archit Joshi



Peel death's mask away

Weights of moments lost linger,

Burdens of regret

Archit Joshi

Archit Joshi

Archit Joshi is a published author who loves writing character-driven stories. He also works as a content writer, and is eager to add more and more writing styles to his arsenal. His fiction has found a home in many reputable anthologies and online magazines, with works ranging from short stories to drabbles (100-word stories) to 10-word micro-fiction. Many of the anthologies he's featured in have reached bestseller status in Australia, France and other regions. These include ‘Sea Of Secrets’ (Dragon Soul Press), ‘Blaze’ (Clarendon House Publishing) and ‘Worlds’ (Black Hare Press). Archit hated coloring within the lines as a child.
Archit Joshi

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