Beware The Shadow, poem by Lisa H. Owens at
Lisa H. Owens

Beware The Shadow

Beware The Shadow

written by: Lisa H. Owens



I am not the Slender Man,
Or the Pale Man,
Or the Tall Man.
I am not a Wendigo,
Or the Chupacabra.
I am the one you ignore on the streets.
The one you will never see coming.
The trick-or-treater at your door.
The crooked old woman trudging behind you down a narrow alley.
The smudged girl playing hopscotch on a darkened sidewalk.
The watcher in your backyard, peeping through a window.
A champion for those you damaged.
The Sleek Shadow you should fear.
The Masked Silhouette.
My reach is far—my fingers long.
I am coming for you.
Look behind you,
Or over your shoulder,
Or in your backyard,
And be afraid.



I took a photo of my shadow at midnight. It was freaky and inspired the micro-fiction, Beware the Shadow.

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