Pacific Goddess written by Jordan Dean at

Pacific Goddess

Pacific Goddess

written by: Jordan Dean



Weary, dying sun,
Smiled, kissing the calm ocean
Adorned crested waves

Girl with golden hair
Watches the sunset retreat
Into liquid gold

Girl from the islands
Her eyes like sparkling sapphire
Her voice like spring rain

Her lips like velvet
Her hands like a soothing river
Her smile like sunshine

She is a goddess
Torturing me with her eyes
Pacific goddess

Jordan Dean

Jordan Dean

Jordan Dean was born on June 12, 1984 on Fergusson Island, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. He did his primary & secondary education in Alotau, PNG. He first studied for a Bachelor of Arts (Literature & Journalism) at the University of Papua New Guinea. He withdrew from the course in second year, 2004 and decided to take accounting and management.
He currently works with the Papua New Guinea (Research), Science and Technology Secretariat in Port Moresby.
He is the author of ‘Tattooed Face: A collection of Poems’ (2016) and ‘Follow the Rainbow: Selected Poems’ (2016).
Jordan Dean

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