The Essence of Final riddle written by Liam Ward at

The Essence Of Final

The Essence of Final

written by: Liam Ward (The Judge)



The choices of one life has begun
The consequences you make are none
The Decisions that are made
Planning has been lade
You think you know when you know not
Forever more your soul of value
Will wither to nothing and surely rot
Everything is set in motion
This cannot be solved with a potion.
Welcome to eternity my friend
Soon enough you’ll see your End

Who Am I?


I AM The Ghost of Christmas Future
Liam Ward (The Judge)

Liam Ward (The Judge)

My Name is Liam Ward I am known by my friends as "The Judge". I am currently writing a book about dating lifestyles and relationships. I am a matchmaker but I also teach gentleman how to social with woman. I initially got into showing how to open into groups of people with riddles and quizzes from questions from the internet or stuff I came up with a while ago. I'm a big survivalists and zombie enthusiasts. I recently just realized my true potential of unlocking my brain to not just writing a book but enveloping my own riddles made with a twist. After I started one I could not stop and the words just kept flowing through my brain.
Liam Ward (The Judge)

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