Biker, a poem by Bonnie Currie at



written by: Bonnie Currie


Ears filled with engines roar
The smell of exhaust fumes fills the air.
Black leather jackets as far as the eye can see
Mounted on chrome embellished horses.

A synchronous mass of turning wheels
Eats mile after mile of tarmacked road.
Each in a world of their own
But riding forms part of the many.

The rush of wind on the face
Senses alive to the passing world.
You open the throttle speed increases
Pistons pound as the crank turns.

Onwards faster through winding roads
The freedom felt that never goes.
A destination who knows where
We’ll have a beer when we get there.

Eye glances at the handlebar mirror
Leaving the pack trailing behind.
The leader I am for a moment of fame
Will this chance ever come again.

The hot summer day long and sweet
Fixed in memory never forgotten.
Dusty roads ridden with lust
For a life to be lived not part but full.

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