Please Forgive Us, a poem written by Don Knowles at

Please Forgive Us

Please Forgive Us

written by: Don Knowles



Please forgive us
There in the future
If you’re capable of deciphering this
Maybe I’ll bury this deep in some sacred ground
Protect it from what we had wrought
Most of our people were blinded by greed
Counting possessions was their goal
Nature was just a resource to plunder
Foolishly we discounted our Mother’s abilities
We had forgotten her torrential wrath
Please forgive us
Out in the distant ages
If you care to read this
Maybe I will repeat this plea for forgiveness
A billion times
And as it reverbs in bottomless volumes
That which is its mourning message
Like tears it will seep through time’s boundaries
We waged a noble battle
Our foes feed on friends and fowl and flaming Forests
There in the hereafter
Our folly was by our own hands
All victimizers all false victors
All pretense and no prowess
Forgive us
Please forgive us
From this crescendo of the past
I beg for you to forgive us

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