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Black Lipstick

Black Lipstick

written by: DrayZera



I croak jealousy to these dragonflies,
The misery compiled by their freedom fluttering wings.
Free to ascend in tangents with their peers like magnets,
While I choke on my bitter dose of tablets.
Pardon the ungratefulness, but my upbringing is of an unyielding mountain.
Gradient steeper, the darkness deeper.
The thirsty lucifer quenches as I dream a wishing fountain,
Dispensing narrow alleys without my shining lantern.
However, I admit of safety, starving my clean butterfly from becoming the venomous moth; fueled by nature’s grace, not by absinthe’s marionette fate.
But what is life without some fight! What are rights with your sundial denial,
To marry me away to a shadow I never met,
To showcase me in your spotlight without loving my sights!
Entrapment by your accursed whipping ways,
Strife I battle with scars of sorrow caused by your lambasting slays!
So what if I’m bi, so what of my ink, so what of my maiden toned from a world you disapprove from your apparent high horse!
This is my life, my fight, my right oh Mother. This is my mic, my light, my beautiful sight thy Father.
So what of my Black lipstick? I shall fleece it with glee as you embark on your pitiful sick!

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