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written by: Sujata Dash


In the outskirts of fun and frolic
In the midst of alluring night life
I find mounds of grief
spilling over from untold stories
Impacting serene blessed space of divine

In the distant orchards of melancholy
I find unnerving stillness
That pierces through heart
Destroys essence
Drifts me away from goal of spirituality
And I remain buoyant
In the sea of folly

I bury my cluelessness
In the alley of drooping silence
to be able to peep into nostalgic trail
hone my perception to remain away
from pale imitation of bliss.

I crave for soulful rhythm and rhyme
not just a place in space
but also in time
to boost my sagging morale
bloom as per ordain of Supreme.

Sujata Dash

Sujata Dash

I am a banker by profession, a poet and singer by passion. I am an ardent lover of nature. I have contributed to various magazines, anthologies nationwide. I have published an anthology of poems too. I write in three languages - English, Hindi & Odia. Most of my work is in English.
Sujata Dash

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